Teaching British Values

Art helps to prepare students for British life by encouraging them to observe and record the world around them. It allows them to investigate a range of ideas, beliefs and cultures that are present in our society and inspires them to develop artwork that may be influenced by historical and contemporary British Art.

We have a lovely bright, airy room which is always decorated with displays of children’s work. There is an adjoining I.C.T. suite, which can be used for Art lessons. There is also an interactive whiteboard with video player in the main Art room.

All students have Art for an one hour each week and are taught by Mrs Pugh who is also the Head of Art at Codsall High School.

Pupils keep sketchbooks for research, designing and planning. Practical work involves drawing, painting, printing, collage, pottery, and sculpture. I.C.T. is used for research, design work, extension work and image manipulation.

Pupils work at different times from observation, memory and imagination. They study the work of different artists and designers during their four years at Bilbrook and use this to inspire their own creativity. Art and artifacts from different parts of the world and different periods in history are also looked at. Children produce work on different scales, both figurative and abstract.

The strong links across the Federation ensure the very best artwork from all pupils.