Christian Principles - Bilbrook Middle School, Staffordshire

Christian Principles

Bilbrook Middle School is a Christian school which reflects the Church of England tradition. We are committed to being inclusive in all that we do and to promoting cohesion in our school and across our local community.

Students at our school will experience what it is to be part of a community based on religious principles. They will learn about Christianity and see Christian principles in action, and they will also learn about other faith traditions. By encouraging awareness, understanding and respect for faith, we promote community cohesion and enable students to make their own informed choices about religious commitment. As a church school we also give our students a sound moral framework and a clear set of values based on Christian principles.

These principles which define our school, are reflected in our expectations of our students and their work, in the way they behave towards one another, in the school environment and in our curriculum. We have an extended service programme which supports students and their families. We have times when we worship together in Holy Cross Church. We celebrate important times of the year for Christians and for other faith communities.

Worship is an important part of every school day. We worship together a school twice each week; twice a week our worship is conducted in tutor groups; and once a week there is a worship session in year groups or across key stages.

We encourage all of our students and staff to attend worship, we ensure that within the Anglican tradition we uphold the principle of being inclusive. We use the opportunity every day to affirm our commitment to our school community and to share together.

Rev’d Simon Douglas is our Church Governor and Vicar of Holy Cross Church