At Bilbrook Middle School teachers set homework for the following reasons:

  • to encourage a positive attitude to learning;
  • to improve learning and progress;
  • to stimulate intellectual curiosity and encourage independent learning;
  • to consolidate skills and knowledge;
  • to reinforce and extend classwork.

 Students are expected to make a regular commitment to homework and are encouraged to manage their own time with the assistance of a homework diary.

The times listed below show the amount of homework that students can expect to have.

 Homework Schedule 2015/16

Years/Time Weekly homework45 minutes a week Weekly homework20 minutes a week Learn at home projects3 hours per half term
5 and 6 EnglishMathematics FrenchComputing


Expressive – Art, Drama, Music, PE or Technology 

Humanities – Citizenship, Geography, History or RE


Years/Time Weekly homework60 minutes a week Weekly homework30 minutes  a week
7 and 8 EnglishMathematics FrenchComputing


Shown below are links to homework resources from some of our teachers.