Teaching British Values

Music prepares Perton Middle School students for British society by allowing them to be creative, work with others and by developing the desire to innovate.

The Music department at Bilbrook Middle offers a variety of different types of musical activities to enable students to improve their confidence, independent learning skills and teach them to perform on a variety of instruments. Students explore a range of different cultures including learning how to perform Bhangra and Indian music with the use of Dhol drums and African music with the use of Djembe drums. Older students also get the chance to investigate modern methods of creating music – learning about styles such as Hip Hop and Dubstep using the computer software Cubase in our computer suite.






Exploring Voice[Begin – intro to sound using vice] Pitch & Gamelan [assigning set sounds – set notes/pitch] Stomp[Intro to making rhythm] Animals & Elements[Perf using all instr] The Orchestra Four Seasons (intro to composition)/Olympics[Creating melodies, begin to compose/analyse]


Classical Music  and Keyboard[Begin to use keyboard] Reggae[Use chords and syncopation] Blues[Chords in 12 bar, set structure and improv] Indian Music[Improv in diff. culture and rhythm]Including extended writing task Bhangra or Performance (SATS dependent) [Rhythm and improve in diff. culture – intro to remix] Bhangra or Remixes (SATS dependent and length of term)Using diff influences when composing and keyboard


Graphic Scores[Noting down music – symbols for music] Film Music (Lower)[Music representing pictures music specifying symbol] Notation[Noting down music – symbols for music] Pop Music[Structure/chords forming bands, notate melodies, diff types of pop] Rock Music[Hooks, riffs, notating, different types of rock] Rap[Ostinato, lyrics making, different types of rap]


Dubstep[Texture, structure, developing melodies initial] Music for an Event[Analysing how made and why – texture, structure, style] Music in Advertising[Analysing how made, ostinatos, hooks, use of elements, style links] Film Music(Higher)[Musical devices to manipulate ostinatos – link to emotion and expression] Songwriting[Using all skills – analyse and perf first , then create own using all (best perf at graduation?)] Songwriting[(possible remixes)]