Ofsted Report

Dear Parent / Carer,

I’m writing to advise you that our most recent Ofsted inspection report is available via the link at the bottom of this page.

The report highlights the many, many significant improvements there have been in the school over the course of this academic year.

Highlights include:

“This is a happy, inclusive and caring school.”

“Pupils are considerate, respectful and well mannered.”

“Leaders have high aspirations.”

“Parents are supportive of the work of the school.”

“Federation governors have the experience, skills, knowledge and understanding to support and challenge leaders effectively.”

“As a result of strong leadership teaching has improved considerably this academic year.”

“The quality of marking has improved during the school year. This has contributed to the improved progress which is now evident in the school.”

The area identified as the key factor for determining the overall “Requires Improvement” judgement was last year’s Maths results at Year 6, rather than the very strong outcomes the children achieve when they leave us in Year 8. Our schooling does not end in Year 6 but, unfortunately for us, this is the only nationally benchmarked data Ofsted were interested in. This is a common concern for pretty much every middle school Headteacher I have spoken to.

Parents / Carers will be aware that we have made significant improvements in Maths this year and, with the appointment of our new Assistant Headteacher for Maths and Numeracy. Mr Tilley, I am confident we will make even further improvements in the coming terms. The report reflects the rapid improvement there has already been in this area.

If any parents would like a paper copy of the report printing for them please contact the school and we will be happy to make one available to you.