Course outline for RE at Bilbrook Middle School

Year 5

Autumn Term

The year begins with a look at things which are special to us.  We then move on to learn about places of worship within the Christian community in Perton and the diocese. In this unit of work, the students learn about religious buildings, their architecture and the furniture inside them too.

During the second half of the term, the students learn about festivals of Light. They study the stories of Hanukah in the Jewish religion, Diwali in the Hindu religion and Christmas in the Christian religion.

Spring Term

The Spring term begins with the students learning the basic practices and beliefs of Islam. This unit focuses on the Five Pillars of Islam and how faith is such an important part of Muslim life.

The second half of this term, allows the students to refresh their understanding of Easter and they are encouraged to learn about the birth of Christianity.

Summer Term

As the summer term begins, the students learn about the life  of Jesus Christ. The title for this unit is ‘Who is this Jesus?’  Here, they students will investigate the miracles and teachings of Jesus and question how they relate to life in our world today.

The term concludes with an investigation into creation stories from world faiths. This allows the students to question if there is one true answer, or, could there be many explanations to suit our multi-cultural society.


Year 6

Autumn Term

The year six students begin this year with a unit of work called ‘Peace and Reconciliation.’  The aim is to encourage the students to know that as humans we can forgive and forget.  This is achieved by taking a look at how the citizens of Coventry re built their cathedral following the blitz.  Our Students visit the Cathedral and focus on the ‘Father Forgive’ prayer.’

Year six then look at the Holy Bible, not just as a holy book, but as a library of books. They learn about both Old and New Testaments and the stories within.

As Christmas approaches, we remind of the true meaning of this festive time, with a review of the Christmas story.

Spring Term

Spring Term sees the year six learning about Sikhism.  They focus on worship, identity and beliefs of the Sikh faith and why the 5K’s of Sikhism have such an important role to play within this faith.

This is followed closely with a unit called ‘Rules for living’.   In this unit, the students learn about food laws, dress code, commandants and general life of religious faiths.

Summer Term

The Summer term begins with a gentle introduction to P4C.  (Philosophy for Children.) The children are asked to question what God is really like…. And it is up to the individual to explore and question for themselves.

Milestones in life is a great way to close this term, as we look at important stages in our lives, Birth, Marriage, Death and of course SATS.


Year 7

Autumn Term

In year 7, the students learn about Pilgrimages to various places and why these journeys take place.  It hopefully gives the students an understanding that there are many places in the world to visit and not just for a holiday, but for reasons of faith, religion and culture too.

Linked to this, our next unit is called ‘What do my clothes say about me?’

Here we look at religious dress and how we should all show our understanding and respects for each other.

Spring Term

In the Spring, the year 7 study Hinduism.  They learn about the ideas of many deities and the concept of reincarnation.  A well-received unit of work, the students really enjoy this as they are introduced to many new ideas and are challenged to develop their person views and ideas.

Summer Term

The Summer term for year 7 takes a close look at what symbolism means in religion.  From simple images, like doves, crosses and so on, to more complex, like peacocks and ships for example.  This theme is continued by then exploring religious art and understanding what this has to communicate with the believer.


Year 8

Autumn Term

Year 8 RE begins with a return to Philosophy.  Here we investigate different theories about God as a creator, designer and destroyer.  The students are encouraged to answer the question, Where do we look for God? And think and respond to questions such as Can God be experienced?

The second half of this term looks at religious heroes.  We question why people dedicate their lives to God and how for some, their experience of God changes their lives for ever.


Spring Term

The Spring term focuses upon Judaism.  The students focus upon the history of the Jews and how the followers were persecuted in biblical times.  We then continue by looking at the Holocaust and even through adversity,  faith in God remained.  A very powerful visit to the Holocaust Memorial Centre is arranged for the students to gain as much knowledge as possible.


Summer Term

To conclude this year, the students are encouraged to look at environmental issues.  They look at what religion has asked it’s followers to do and how they have reacted to this.  What do we need to do now? Does religion have a place in our world today or not?

Finally, ‘Faith through film’.  Here the students are encouraged to look at the subtle messages given to us through the films we watch. From ‘Bruce Almighty’, to ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’. Faith has a part to play in all our lives, it is just whether or not we chose to see it that way.