Drama - Bilbrook Middle School, Staffordshire
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The intent of the Drama curriculum at KS3 is to provide students with a rich and well-rounded experience in which they can develop their creativity, communication skills, empathy, and self-confidence. It aims to foster a love for the performing arts, while also providing opportunities for students to explore social, cultural, and historical perspectives. The Drama curriculum is designed to promote active engagement, critical thinking, collaboration, and personal growth, enabling students to become versatile and well-rounded individuals.


The Drama curriculum will incorporate the following features:

  1. Well-structured curriculum: The Drama curriculum will be carefully planned and sequenced, ensuring a logical and progressive development of skills and knowledge across KS3. It will be rooted in the National Curriculum.
  2. Balanced focus: The curriculum will strike a balance between practical exploration and theoretical understanding. Students will have regular opportunities to experiment with the techniques of acting, improvisation, voice, movement, and character development. They will also explore the key elements of drama, such as plot, setting, atmosphere, and symbolism.
  3. Inclusive provision: The curriculum will be designed to meet the needs of all students, irrespective of their prior drama experiences or abilities. It will provide differentiation strategies to support learners with diverse needs and create an inclusive environment where every student feels valued and able to participate fully.
  4. Cultural exploration: The Drama curriculum will foster an appreciation for different cultures, perspectives, and theatrical traditions. Students will be exposed to a wide range of dramatic works from different time periods and cultures.


The impact of the outstanding Drama curriculum at Bilbrook Middle School KS3 will be evident in:

  1. Student progress: Students will demonstrate continuous progress in their drama skills, knowledge, and understanding. They will confidently apply acting techniques, develop well-rounded performances, and articulate their interpretations of dramatic texts.
  2. Creativity and imagination: Students will exhibit high levels of creativity, originality, and imagination, as they will have been provided with ample opportunities to explore, experiment, and take risks within a supportive and encouraging environment.
  3. Communication and collaboration: Students will develop strong communication and collaboration skills through frequent teamwork, negotiation, and collective decision-making during rehearsals and performances. They will become effective listeners, articulate speakers, and supportive team members.
  4. Confidence and self-expression: The Drama curriculum will promote personal growth and self-confidence, enabling students to express their ideas, emotions, and viewpoints in a safe and empathetic space. Students will develop a sense of ownership over their performances and will be encouraged to take on leadership roles.

Overall, through an outstanding Drama curriculum, students at Bilbrook Middle School KS3 will develop a deep love for the performing arts, cultivate essential life skills, and gain a rich understanding of drama’s transformative power.

Drama KS3 Learning Journey