Religious Education - Bilbrook Middle School, Staffordshire
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Religious Education

In Religious Education, at Bilbrook CE Middle, we intend to equip and prepare all individuals for life and citizenship in today’s diverse and plural Britain, through fostering an increasing level of religious literacy. Pupils will establish and grow a knowledge and understanding of beliefs, practices, spiritual insights and secular world views. In context of their own considered stand point they would also be open to engaging with the views of others in a plural world. The programme of Religious Education at Bilbrook CE Middle School follows the SACRE (Staffordshire Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education, 2016) and the Lichfield Diocese, Understanding Christianity, project. As a Church of England School, the intention is to support pupils in developing their understanding of Christianity, as a contribution to the understanding of the world and their own experience within it. This is achieved by integrating pupils’ developing understanding of significant theological concepts within Christianity with their own self- understanding and understanding of the wider world, as part of their wider religious literacy.

The implementation of the Religious Education curriculum is underpinned through the knowledge and understanding of the Bible and key biblical texts and understanding their impact upon the lives of Christians. Pupils will also develop their abilities to connect, critically reflect upon, evaluate and apply their learning to their own growing understanding of religion and belief (particularly Christianity), of themselves, the world and the human experience.

The impact is that children leave Bilbrook CE Middle School as religious literate, confident, kind, caring and compassionate individuals who are armed with the knowledge and skills required for the next stage of their education, and indeed, life.

RE KS2 Learning Journey
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